Loft conversions Southampton

A loft conversion can be a fantastic investment to make for your home in Southampton. They are extremely versatile, with the unique situation of having a wide variety of different uses. Due to their location at the top of the house, adding skylights and windows can make a loft conversion a beautiful space with lots of natural light. This combines brilliantly with wood furniture, which we are of course able to provide as Southampton’s top carpenters and joiners.

You may be looking into adding a new bedroom for your growing family, or it could be a room for one of your hobbies. The uses are endless, with offices, home cinemas, games rooms, music rooms all offering great possible uses for your loft conversion. Moreover, you could use a loft conversion to add monetary value to your home. The new room could even become a bedroom to rent out to bring in some extra income!

As you can see, a loft doesn’t need to be a useless space at the top of your house gathering dust. With the help of The Southampton Carpenters, you could convert it into a valuable and unique space to lighten up your home.

How does a loft conversion work?

Important first steps

The first important thing to note is that not all lofts are suitable for conversion. The process of converting a loft is very challenging, and there are many factors to account for before the construction even starts. With your plan and design in mind, we must take all the measurements of your loft to ensure that you have the required height and width for your design. In some cases, the loft may not meet the roof height needed for your plan, or the room may not be wide enough to fit in the required furniture. 

In these circumstances, we will do our best to work with you to come up with a solution. This could mean altering the design or coming up with a different idea for the room. However, some lofts are not suitable for a loft conversion, so sometimes there is little that we can do.

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Floor boarding

Once the project meets all the requirements and has the go-ahead, its time to begin work on boarding the loft floor. A professional must do this because it is very easy to make costly and dangerous mistakes at this stage. An inexperienced person attempting to do this could use boards of incorrect thickness and size. Or they could forget to stagger the boards and lay them equally. You must avoid this, as a stable floor is vital for health and safety reasons. It also helps insulate the loft, prevent noise pollution and allow you to place heavy objects and furniture in the room. When you choose The Southampton Carpenters to do your loft conversion, your loft floor gets done properly.

Finishing and furnishing

Once the floor boarding complete and the structure has passed the testing to ensure it is strong and safe, we then move onto the furnishing of the room. Here we choose the type of flooring you want in your room, such as carpets or hardwood flooring, as well as choosing the colour for the walls and floor to make the room look nice. We also install windows or skylights at this stage to bring in plenty of natural light and brighten the space up. The electrics will also need changing, and new lighting is installed. The design of the space is up to you, so let us know what you would like us to do and we will take care of the rest.

Finally, it is time to add in the furniture to bring the room together and make it fit for its desired purpose. Seeing as we are some of the finest carpenters Southampton has, we would love to create some beautiful furniture for you. This can range from wardrobes and drawers to chairs, tables and desks. Whatever you need, we will be more than happy to accommodate. Let us know as soon as possible and our master carpenters can have your furniture finished by the time the loft conversion is complete. The final step is to add the entrance to the loft, such as stairs or a ladder, and then your fantastic new loft conversion will be finished.

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