Door Installation Southampton

Are any of your home’s doors damaged, in need of repair, draughty or rotting? Changing or repairing your internal or front doors can have dramatic impacts on the character of your home. Your front door is designed for both aesthetic and security purposes. It is the first impression people get upon visiting your house, so an attractive front door is important for creating a look that you are proud of. It is also your first line of defence in your home security, so it must also convey an image of security.

The security of your back door is equally as important. Many burglary attempts occur at the back, rather than the front of a house, because back doors are usually a weak point. It is therefore also important to have a strong and sturdy back door with great security to repel burglars. Finally, the internal doors of your home contribute to the flow and feel of a home. When done right, they can help to open up spaces and bring the house together as one unit.

At The Southampton Carpenters, we can help you with your home’s doors. Whether you want completely new, bespoke, handcrafted doors, or your old door frames are worn and in need of repair, our experienced carpenters are here to help.

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Door installation

Our skilled carpenters can help you install wooden doors, handles and hinges for your home. With our years of on the job experience, we can advise you on the best types of doors and materials for your specific needs. Furthermore, our expert joiners can design and build bespoke doors for you to ensure you get the ideal solution for your home. If you have a unique doorway and are struggling to find a door to fit, this is a great option and means you end up with a product specifically designed for that particular room. However, if you have already located or purchased a door you like, then we are more than happy to fit and install the door for you.

Door repairs

If your door or doorway is a bit damaged, but you do not want to fork out on a new door, then a repair is a great, economical option to revitalise your door and get it looking as good as new again. Whether it is chipped, draughty, or the handles or hinges are broken, in most cases The Southampton Carpenters can help restore it back to its former glory. It is important to note that sometimes a door is beyond repair and a new door is the best course of action. We will always give impartial advice on the best solution for your needs.


Which material is best for my front door?

There are many different material choices for front doors, like PVCu, steel and fibreglass, but a quality hardwood front door will never let you down. Remember, quality is the key word here. When well maintained and properly painted or stained, a quality hardwood door will always look great and will last for many years. Our skilled joiners can build you a custom fitted quality hardwood door, or if you are purchasing elsewhere always look for M&T (Mortice and Tennon) on the label, as this indicates a traditional, quality build.

Which style of door is best for each room?

There are many different door styles to choose from, so it can quickly become overwhelming and it’s easy to make a sub-optimal choice. When considering interior doors, the practicality and functionality are just as important as the looks. For example, a ‘safe and sound’ door could be a better choice than a hollow alternative due to the increased sturdiness and sound protection. As always, we are happy to advise you on the best style of door to use for each room.

Can you build custom doors?

Absolutely! Our skilled carpenters and joiners can build beautiful, bespoke doors just for you. This is a great way to truly enhance the look and feel of your home.

Do I need a new door, or should I repair my current one?

This depends on your desired outcome, as well as the current condition of the door. If it is in terrible condition, your best bet is usually to get a new door as the cost of the repair is not economical. On the other hand, if your door needs some small repairs and you like the look and style, a repair can be a great, cost effective option. In this case it depends on whether you would like to try a new style, or you are happy with your current style. We are always happy to advise you on the best course of action for your needs.

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